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Have you ever had a refrigerator or washing machine hose break in your home? If so, you know the devastating damage that water causes and the days or even weeks that it takes to clean up the mess. Now there is a product specifically designed to stop leaks before they become a flood: introducing the WaterCop® family of products.  WaterCop® is an automated leak detection and water shut-off system and FloodCop, LLC is your Authorized Dealer.  How does WaterCop® work? Special water sensors are placed wherever a leak may occur… under refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, toilets, water heaters, etc. If a leak occurs in one of those locations, sensors will transmit a wireless signal to an automatic valve on the main water supply line and shut off the flow of water to the entire home thereby stopping any continuous flooding.

FloodCop Water Protection For Your Home

WaterCop is your next logical step in home protection and offers the following advantages:

  • Monitors your entire home for leaks
  • Easily integrates into home security or home automation systems
  • Will help to prevent or reduce water damage and flooding in your home if a water system malfunctions
  • Can help you to qualify for discounts on your home insurance premiums
  • Eliminates the headaches and costs of dealing with water damage and the accompanying cleanup process
  • Helps to ensure your priceless family keepsakes will never be subjected to water damage
  • Helps protect the insurability of your home

Call us to arrange a demonstration. Don’t wait until after a leak occurs to install WaterCop. For peace of mind and a dry home….WaterCop.

Find out how we can protect your home from water damage.

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