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While this is an advanced design automatic water shut-off system, it does not offer guaranteed protection against sudden or accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system. Any automatic water shut-off system, whether commercial or residential, is subject to compromise or failure to warn or activate for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Water intrusion from sources external to the plumbing supply system such as; rain, hurricane, storm water, sewer back-up, swimming pools, spas, thawing snow and ice, ice dams, HVAC condensation, freezer defrosting, etc.
  • Water shut-off valves, water intrusion detectors and sensors, and many other sensing devices will not work without power. Battery operated devices will not work without batteries, with dead or insufficiently charged batteries, or if the batteries are not installed properly. Devices powered solely by AC power will not function properly if their AC power supply is interrupted, however briefly, or cut off for any reason.
  • Signals sent by wireless transmitters may be blocked or reflected by metal or other significantly dense building or household material, possibly reducing transmission range before signals reach the system receiver. Even if the signal path has been recently inspected during a regular test procedure, blockage can occur if a metal object, or other significantly dense building or household material, is moved into or near the signal path.
  • Sudden and accidental water leaks from plumbing systems can occur at any time and at any point in the supply line system. Leaks that occur in areas not immediately monitored by or in very close proximity to an active water leak sensor may not be quickly detected or may not be detected at all by the leak detection system.
  • This equipment, like other electrical devices, is subject to component failure. Even though this equipment is tested at the factory prior to shipment and designed to last as long as 10 years when properly maintained, the electronic components could fail at any time.
  • The automatic valve is designed to provide positive shut-off of the plumbing water supply when connected to live AC power. However if the valve becomes corroded or blocked due to normal sediment or other internal water line material build-up, the valve may not function properly when needed.

The most common reason an automatic water shut-off system fails to perform when needed is due to inadequate maintenance. This system should be tested weekly to make sure the automatic valve and all sensors and transmitters are working properly.

Installing an automatic water shut-off system may qualify a homeowner for lower insurance premiums or a one-time credit. An automatic water shut-off system is not a substitute for adequate insurance or proper home maintenance. Homeowners, property owners, and renters should be proactive in protecting their property from sudden and accidental water loss and continue to adequately insure their property against common forms of damage.

Limited Warranty

DynaQuip Controls Corporation, 10 Harris Industrial Park, Saint Clair, Missouri 63077, warrants its WaterCop electric valve actuator and electronic sensor and electronic system control components against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) and its WaterCop brass ball valve mechanical component against defects in material and workmanship for for a period of five (5) years from the date of original shipment.  In the event that such defects appear within the warranty period, DynaQuip Controls will, at its option, and upon written notification thereof and substantiation that, the product(s) have been stored, installed, maintained and operated in accordance with DynaQuip’s recommendations and standard industry practice, repair or replace the product without charge. This warranty shall be invalidated by any abuse, misuse, misapplication, improper installation, modification, or disassembly at any place other than the point of original manufacture. This shall constitute the exclusive remedy for breach of warranty, and DynaQuip Controls shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages or other costs resulting from labor charges, delays, vandalism, negligence, fouling caused by foreign material, damage from adverse water conditions, chemicals, weather, or any other circumstances over which DynaQuip Controls has no control. DYNAQUIP CONTROLS MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED EXCEPT AS PROVIDED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY.

The seller does not represent that the product; will prevent any property loss by sudden or accidental discharge of water from plumbing systems into living area of a residential dwelling; may not be compromised or circumvented; or that the product will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. Buyer understands that a properly installed and maintained automatic water shut-off system may only reduce the risk of a sudden and accidental water loss event resulting in significant water damage and is not insurance or a guarantee that such will not occur or that there will be no personal injury or property loss as a result. CONSEQUENTLY, SELLER SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR OTHER LOSS BASED ON A CLAIM THE PRODUCT FAILED TO TURN OFF WATER SUPPLY OR GIVE WARNING OF A POTENTIAL WATER LOSS EVENT. HOWEVER, IF SELLER IS HELD LIABLE, WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE, REGARDLESS OF CAUSE OR ORIGIN, SELLER’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY SHALL NOT IN ANY CASE EXCEED THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT, WHICH SHALL BE THE COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AGAINST THE SELLER. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. No increase or alteration, written or verbal, to this warranty is authorized.

DynaQuip Controls Corporation reserves the right to change or improve the design of any DynaQuip Controls manufactured product without assuming any obligations to modify product previously manufactured or sold.

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