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When people think of home security threats, burglary and fire are often the first things that come to mind. However, leaky appliances and ruptured plumbing are two of the most damaging threats a homeowner can face. In addition to destroying irreplaceable family belongings, water damage can leave a home with serious structural problems—even toxic mold. A single water-related claim is enough to compromise a home’s insurability. Recommended by major insurance companies, WaterCop constantly monitors leak-prone areas of a home (washing machine hoses, water heaters, sinks, etc.). The moment a flood condition is detected, WaterCop instantly shuts off the main water line to stop all water flow. WaterCop works within seconds to minimize potential damage to the home.

  • Prevents costly insurance claims by monitoring homes 24/7 for plumbing leaks and water accumulation
  • Perfect for primary homes
  • Critical for second residences, which are typically left unattended for extended periods
  • Complements insurance companies’ guidelines that require water damage protection devices for vacation and second homes
  • Monitors appliances and pipes that can typically leak and create substantial water damage
  • Syncs with most home automation or home security systems and also works with most emergency dialers
  • A proven resource for preventing water damage in vacation and second homes

WaterCop Classic

Standard Whole-House Protection

WaterCop® Classic is perfect for single family or vacation homes of modest size. An unlimited amount of wireless sensors can be used to communicate with a shutoff valve installed indoors. Simple to install and use, WaterCop provides homeowners a thorough level of water leak protection.  Now, the WaterCop Classic can be paired with the NEW WaterCop SmartConnect to provide notification of system status as well as remote control of the WaterCop valve!

WaterCop Pro Standard

Premium Whole-House Protection

The WaterCop Pro is the preferred system for custom built or expansive homes, multi-family, condominium or commercial use where wireless sensors communicate with an indoor shutoff valve. WaterCop Pro provides the most complete plumbing leak protection while offering the most flexible installation options.

The WaterCop Pro has internal dry contacts for direct connection to an alarm system so you can be alerted to a water leak occurrence as well as relay contacts which can be used to control other components.

WaterCop Pro is only available through authorized dealers such as FloodCop LLC.

WaterCop Pro Features & Benefits

  • Simplified actuator control with visual system status
  • Fail safe control logic
  • Improved flood sensors, fully supervised and addressable
  • Low profile sensors
  • Range enhancing repeaters available
  • Manual override handle
  • Flexible wiring, mounting and installation options
  • Dry contacts for connection to alarm systems

WaterCop Pro Integrated

Premium Whole-House Protection with Central Monitoring and Control

The New WaterCop Pro Integrated System is similar to the WaterCop Pro described above with the addition of central monitoring and control.  The Monitoring and Control panel is installed in a convenient location and provides total system status and control without requiring access to the valve and actuator.  Perfect for integration with security systems or with the NEW WaterCop SmartConnect.  This system provides the most complete plumbing leak protection while offering flexible installation options and third-party monitoring/security integration through dry contacts and a 12VDC relay contact.

WaterCop Pro is only available through authorized dealers such as FloodCop LLC.

WaterCop Pro Integrated Features & Benefits

  • Advanced monitoring station with visual system status, simplified user controls, standard security/home automation systems integration and on-board relays
  • Fail safe control logic
  • Improved flood sensors, fully supervised and addressable
  • Can communitcate with up to 45 wireless sensors
  • Low profile sensors and range enhancing repeater
  • External manual override
  • Flexible wiring, mounting and installation options
  • Available connections for up to eight hard wired flood sensors (in addition to the wireless sensors)

WaterCop Pro Integrated OUTDOOR

For residences on Slab Foundations

WaterCop Pro Integrated OUTDOOR is similar to the WaterCop Pro Integrated described above except the OUTDOOR is designed for homes that do not have interior access to water supply lines.  A sealed actuator is installed outdoors, above ground level, to control the flow of water.

WaterCop Pro Integrated OUTDOOR provides the most complete plumbing leak protection while offering the most flexible installation options.

The WaterCop Pro Integrated Outdoor  System enables remote monitoring, control and integration with security systems and our new WaterCop SmartConnect.

WaterCop Pro Integrated OUTDOOR Features & Benefits

  • Whole-house emergency water shutoff system
  • Designed for residences on slab foundations and/or in instances where main water shutoff is outside of the home
  • For above grade (non-submersible) installation near water meters or external piping
  • Full Flow, lead-free brass valve (1/2” to 1 1/4”)
  • Uses WaterCop PRO sensors, monitoring station, and accessories
  • Integrated system enables security system integration and complete monitoring/control via WaterCop SmartConnect
WaterCop Z-Wave

WaterCop Z-WAVE

Integrate with Whole-Home Automation

Now homeowners can integrate leak detection and water shut-off with their Z-Wave home automation systems.

WaterCop Z-Wave combines the trusted WaterCop system benefits of early electronic leak detection and automatic water shut-off with the additional feature of operating in a Z-Wave enabled network.

When installed into a new or existing Z-Wave network, the WaterCop Z-Wave control valve may be locally or remotely controlled using a gateway interface. Integrated with other automated home devices such as alarms and environmental controls, the WaterCop Z-Wave system offers homeowners an added level of convenience, control, and security when it comes to protecting their residences.

New Outdoor version is available now too!

WC LeakStop 2


Single-Point Leak Detection

Help stop extensive water damage before it can begin with WaterCop LeakStop Plus systems.

DynaQuip’s LeakStop Plus systems detect plumbing leaks at a single location and automatically shut off the water supply. In addition, LeakStop Plus can notify a third party device such as a light, buzzer, relay, auto dialer or security/automation system to alert homeowners that the shut-off has been activated. LeakStop Plus is an ideal solution for water heaters, re-circulation pumps and softeners which become particularly vulnerable to leaks as they age.

The WaterCop LeakStop Plus systems are designed for plumbing supply line installation, upstream of the appliance or area you wish to monitor – most commonly a water heater. Place the two sensor probes in the area where water would first accumulate if a leak occurs. The LeakStop Plus must be hard wired via internal contacts to connect to third party devices through the conduit at the bottom of the unit. Please note this unit does not operate with other WaterCop sensors.  This is a stand-alone device but can be used with the new SmartConnect to provide real-time alerts to your smart phone.

WaterCop Commercial Large Valve Integration for Classic or Pro

For pipes from 1.5 to 24 inches in diameter

WaterCop large Valve Integration uses the same WaterCop Pro sensors and other system components but with a larger actuator.  Designed for industrial settings or high-rise buildings with large water supply lines.  Works with either WaterCop Classic or WaterCop Pro systems.  WaterCop Large Valves can be installed as dual actuated valves and can also work with the new WiFi module to enable remote control and monitoring via the SmartConnect App.  These large valves are also used in homes with larger pipes.

WaterCop Low Voltage Actuators for third party and existing detection systems

Have a leak detection system but can’t turn off the water?

We have the solution!  WaterCop low voltage actuators.  Using your own existing alarm/detection system, WaterCop low voltage actuators can complete your installation by adding automatic water shutoff.  Use your sensors and your alarm system and save the cost of an entirely new WaterCop system but get the same reliable protection.

WaterCop SmartConnect

Monitor and Control from Anywhere!

It’s the smartest way to provide around-the-clock connection and access to WaterCop automatic water shut-off systems through our new app.  It easily installs onto smart phones or tablets for real-time remote notification of valve system status as well as remote control capability.

Here’s why SmartConnect is such a smart solution:

– 24/7 remote mobile control and access to WaterCop systems
– Mobile alerts about automatic closure and power outages
– Wi-Fi compatible
– Ideal for both residential and commercial property
– Works with most WaterCop systems

SmartConnect is available to order through WaterCop Installing Dealers like FloodCop!

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